User FAQ

How does LaterPay work?

With LaterPay, a user is able pay for digital content of small amounts (from $0.05 and up) without needing to pay immediately. You simply agree to pay later and receive immediate access to the respective content - without needing to register or give any payment information before the purchase. LaterPay compiles all of your purchases together into one invoice on your device. You can add purchases to your LaterPay invoice on any site that LaterPay supports. Once your purchases total $5.00, we ask you to register and pay with a supported payment method. LaterPay charges no fees - you only pay for what you purchase.

What is the difference between LaterPay and other payment methods (e.g. credit cards)?

LaterPay simplifies the purchase of digital goods and micro payment sites (from $0.05) and compiles your purchases across your devices into one invoice once your purchases total $5.00. At that point you’ll use your credit card or other payment method to pay your LaterPay invoice.

In short: You shop with LaterPay, and pay with a credit card (or other method).

What kinds of content can I purchase with LaterPay?

With LaterPay you can purchase all kinds of digital goods online, like journalistic content, game content or music. You can access all of this content immediately with LaterPay and easily pay later.

With that, there are many possibilities at your disposal: you are able to buy just a individual piece of content (like a single article) or you can buy Time Passes for time-limited access to specific offers from content providers.

Do I have to register with LaterPay?

You are not required to immediately register with LaterPay. You can comfortably shop with LaterPay, without needing to register. As soon as you have $5.00 worth of purchases on your LaterPay invoice, we ask you to create a free user account. As we are a payment service it is required that we know who we are collecting money from. On the other hand, a LaterPay user account brings out many of the advantages of LaterPay, like:

  • All of your purchases at a glanceIn your LaterPay user account you are able to see all of your current and previous LaterPay invoices. With one click (if available) you’ll be directed to your purchase on the content provider’s site.
  • Share content on multiple devicesWith a LaterPay user account you are able to access your content on multiple devices. Even if you lose one of your devices, you’ll still have access to all of your purchased content with your LaterPay user account.
  • Manage your personal dataIn your LaterPay user account you can manage your payment methods and adjust your personal data.
  • Download your invoiceIn your LaterPay user account you are able to download your previously paid LaterPay invoices.

Will LaterPay charge fees for purchases?

LaterPay charges no fees for purchases by users. You only pay the amount that you have purchased. No fees, no subscriptions, no hidden costs. LaterPay charges a transaction fee only to the content providers that offer LaterPay, and will never charge a fee to the purchasers.

What happens if I don’t pay my LaterPay invoice?

If you haven’t paid your LaterPay invoice, you will be unable to purchase content with LaterPay on any site that supports Laterpay.

How does LaterPay know what I have purchased?

LaterPay is a tool that you shop with. That’s how LaterPay reliably processes your purchases without requiring you to register or login. In order to do that, LaterPay only stores your LaterPay purchases for the following invoice - not your surfing behavior, not how long you spend on each site, and not which sites you were on before a purchase.

How do I see what I’ve purchased?

You can find an overview of all of your purchases here in your LaterPay user account under the “Purchases” section.

With one click on a purchase, you’ll be directed to the relevant content on the content provider’s page.

Am I able to use my LaterPay user account on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use your LaterPay user account on multiple devices. All you need to do is log in with your LaterPay account once on each respective device. All of your purchases on the connected devices will then be combined into one LaterPay invoice and will be accessible on all of these devices.

Is LaterPay secure?

Yes, LaterPay is secure. LaterPay is a German company and operates its servers in Germany. Your data will not be saved on separate servers around the world; it will stay only in Germany.

LaterPay saves only the personal information that is legally required of us as a payment service: Name, Birthday and Address. We are required to collect this information at registration, because as a payment service we are committed to protect against money laundering and need to know whom we are receiving money from. We also require a billing address for the payment of your invoice, along with a portion of your payment method details (e.g. the last four digits of the credit card used) and the purchased article.

After the expiration of the statutory retention period, we permanently delete this information.

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