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The button to push contributions and donations

The LaterPay button enables your readers to make monetary contributions with a single click. 

The button can be combined with an existing advertising or subscription revenue model. In just a couple minutes, you can create a custom button that can be placed on your website, in newsletters and within social media posts.

Using the LaterPay button, you can choose to ask for registration and payment either immediately or later - after reader's tab has reached $5. Tip: readers are 4X more likely to make a payment if allowed to pay later!

Contribute Now Pay Later


Ask for contributions in a frictionless way

Users commit to a contribution without upfront registration or payment. Once a user’s tab adds up to $5 or more, the user is asked to pay. This results in high acceptance and conversion rates.

Easy to customize and implement

You define the price, message and design of your button. Easily implement it on articles, videos, newsletters, value added services and social media channels.

It’s free and offers full service

Risk-free, commitment free, no setup or running costs, no licensing fees – commission is charged only on actual revenue generated. User validation and tracking, purchase aggregation, invoicing, tax calculation, and data sharing is handled by LaterPay.


Product Sheet - Features and Uses

  • Easy implementation with live support 
  • Easy to customize messaging and price parameters
  • Ability to let users register and pay now or pay later for better conversion
  • Full service including: purchase operations, invoicing, collection, tax, and payment handling
  • Click here to check out our product sheet with more details about features and uses 

About LaterPay

  • LaterPay is a micropayment enabler for the digital economy with solutions for publishers, bloggers, influencers, charities, video content providers and SaaS companies
  • Offices in Munich, Germany and New York, USA with more than 250,000 active users in the German market

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