How Can I Charge for My Content?

Micro Purchase with Later Payment

LaterPay's Pay-per-Use lets a user buy content with only two clicks, giving the user immediate access to the purchase. Advance registration is not required. The user pays when his or her total tab across all sellers reaches $5.00. Micro-prices lower the barrier to entry for paying for content. At the same time, collective invoicing lowers the transaction costs and enables the profitable sale of content priced as low as $0.05.

  • Low entry barrier for users
  • Aggregation of purchases across multiple sellers
  • User pays after reaching an invoice total of $5.00
  • Reduction of transaction costs
  • Flexible pricing between $0.05 and $5.00

Time Limited Flatrate Access

Time Passes grant users full access to a certain amount of content for a limited time. Scope and validity period of the Time Passes can freely be set by the Content Provider. Time Passes do not renew automatically, but can be renewed by the user with just two clicks.

  • Flexible scope and validity period
  • No automatic renewal
  • Easy two-click renewal
  • Flexible pricing between $0.05 and $149.99

Single Item Purchase with Direct Payment

Single Sale allows Content Providers to sell content priced between $1.49 and $149.99. Users create or log into a LaterPay account to purchase, and gain access to their purchase immediately.

  • Immediate payment
  • Immediate access to purchase
  • Flexible pricing between $1.49 and $149.99

Premium Complementary Content

LaterPay allows Content Providers to pair free content with paid content. Users can consume a free piece of content, then decide whether to pay for additional related content. For example, a user may read a free article, then opt to pay to watch an associated video.

  • Unrestricted access to main content
  • Monetization of complementary content
  • Flexible pricing between $0.05 and $149.99