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LaterPay for Video Creators

The button to push video content 

Convert viewers into customers. Laterpay lets you sell video content or ads free video quickly. The viewer buys in less than 5 seconds and continues watching.

Sell video
Watch now, pay later

Sell your videos with Laterpay and watch revenues soar. Like any good trailer, Laterpay can tease your video content, then ask viewers to "keep watching and pay later." You choose how much content is viewable, and users get pulled in by the preview. The purchase is added to their universal Laterpay shopping cart, and they pay once they reach a certain price threshold.

Pre-roll: Sell ad-free experiences
Skip ad now, pay later

While the advertisement is playing, users can skip it at any moment and purchase the ad-free access they prefer.

Pre-Play: Sell ad-free experiences
Skip ad now, pay later

Prior to the start of an advertisement and video, users are offered various purchase options to skip the ad before they’re able to continue viewing.

  • Purchase Purchase content with a click; pay later
  • Read Aggregate purchases
  • Pay tab Register and pay when tab reaches $5

Your control:

  • Sell video, ad-free video or skip ad option
  • Offer any or all of the above
  • Set & test your pricing
  • Customize your messaging and look

Our responsibility:

  • Transaction validation
  • Chargebacks and disputes
  • Tracking
  • Purchase aggregation
  • Invoicing
  • Tax calculations
  • Data sharing

We succeed when you succeed

Laterpay is performance-based and works on a revenue sharing basis—for a limited time we’re charging a rate of 15% of actual revenue generated with the Laterpay button, all-inclusive. NO OTHER FEES:

  • No payment processing fees
  • No chargeback fees
  • No payout fees
  • No licensing fees
  • No maintenance fees

Video player integrations:

  • JW Player
  • Flowplayer
  • 3Q

You already create great content and services. Let us handle the rest while you watch your revenues grow.

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