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Laterpay for Publishing

The button to push quality journalism

Convert MORE users into paying customers. Laterpay lets publishers convert engaged users to subscribers at a higher rate and monetize users unlikely to ever subscribe, by letting them pay later and for immediate access to content.

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Sell content

Obtain contributions

Offer ad free

LaterPay difference

Single Article

Monetize users who won't subscribe

"Pay Later" on single purchases has a 2-2.5X repeat purchase rate over "Pay Now".

Time Pass

Bring back the 'single copy' sale

Offer 24-h access for a 'single copy' of your publication. Customize the time limit to your needs.  

Subs- cription

Convert engaged users to subscribers

17% subscribers bought a time-pass or article first.


Supplement declining ad revenues

Let users choose an ad-free, reader-supported experience. 

  • Purchase Purchase content with a click; pay later
  • Read Aggregate purchases
  • Pay tab Register and pay when tab reaches $5

Your control

  • Offer article purchases, time passes, subscriptions, contributions, ad-free experience
  • Offer any or all of the above
  • Set & test your pricing
  • Customize your messaging and look

Our responsibility

  • Transaction validation
  • Chargebacks and disputes
  • Tracking
  • Purchase aggregation
  • Invoicing
  • Tax calculations
  • Data sharing

We succeed when you succeed

Laterpay is performance-based and works on a revenue sharing basis—contact us for custom pricing for publishers.

Fast and free integrations for publishers of all sizes

Use our self-service portal or get implementation assistance from a dedicated manager.

  • Contributions button generator
  • Wordpress plugin
  • JavaScript Connector
  • API integration
  • Out-of-the-box, easily integrated AMP solution 

You already create great content. Let us handle the rest while you watch your revenues grow.

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