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LaterPay for Nonprofits

Fundraising made easy

LaterPay enables your donors to make single-click payment commitments within your web page, mobile experience, social media, or newsletter.

Donations through LaterPay average 5x higher when compared to traditional fundraising methods. See how easy it is; donate $3 to Dharamsala Animal Rescue now and pay later:

Yes! You are really doing this. All proceeds go to Dharamsala Animal Rescue.

You work hard to help others. Let us handle the rest and watch donations grow.

Get started
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  • Purchase Commit to a donation with a click
  • Read Continue browsing without interruption
  • Pay tab Pay when tab reaches $5

Your control

  • Set and test donation amounts
  • Customize your messaging and look

Our responsibility

  • Transaction validation
  • Chargebacks and disputes
  • Tracking
  • Purchase aggregation
  • Invoicing
  • Tax calculations
  • Data sharing

We succeed when you succeed

LaterPay is performance-based and works on a revenue sharing basis—for a limited time we’re charging a rate of 15% of actual revenue generated with the LaterPay button, ALL-INCLUSIVE. NO OTHER FEES:

  • No payment processing fees
  • No chargeback fees
  • No payout fees
  • No licensing fees
  • No maintenance fees

Easy implementation

  • We provide you with html for a button or a simple link that can be attached to any image, text or button
  • No tech resource required
  • We provide tech support and on-boarding