Convert users into paying customers 


LaterPay offers different purchasing options for every kind of customer, with the ability to gradually take users from individual content consumption to full website subscriptions, so you can tailor your site experience, optimize revenue and convert users into loyal customers. The LaterPay platform also works in conjunction with existing subscription models.

1. Single Purchase

The ultimate in our customized revenue approach: handpick a piece or grouping of content.

2. Time Pass

Sell one piece of content, an entire category of content, or all of your content for a specific period of time.

3. Subscription

Our payment options get users to migrate naturally to the subscription model when they’re ready.

1. Single Purchase

Increase revenue with your best content
- it's worth it.

Sell individual content (an article, a video, snippets of code, an audio file, etc.) or any content pack (e.g., a bundle of five articles) at the price you determine and demonstrate to users the quality of paid content - without having to make a commitment to a subscription. Once they're familiar with your content and accustomed to paying for access to quality material, they're more likely to buy a TimePass that lets them access more content for a specific period of time.

78% of purchases are
completed in less than 10

2. Time pass

Enable users to access more content and engage more deeply—on the clock.

Sell one piece of content, an entire category of content or all of your content for a specific period of time. Users can renew their TimePass whenever they want (we’ll send them a gentle reminder, too). It’s the try-before-you-buy approach—a pricing model that fits users’ needs, without the commitment of a regular subscription. (But between us, once users have paid for access to content for a specific time period, they are more willing to buy a subscription that offers unlimited access).

30% of users
make the jump to subscriptions
after the've been presented with a TimePass

3. Subscription

Users, meet subscribers.

Users naturally migrate to a subscription option when they're ready - we help them get there faster, and all the while get you paid during the process. Get the most out of your content by opening subscriptions to all content, or be flexible and offer subscriptions to individual categories—the choice is yours (and you can always change your mind).

Billing Options

With all our purchasing options, choose between two billing options:

Pay Later

There’s a reason we’re called LaterPay.
Users get instant access to content, only registering and paying once their invoice has reached $5.

Pay Now

Upfront payment is O.K., too.
Users register and pay first, then get instant access to their purchase.

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