World Table and LaterPay Support Journalism and Elevate Online Conversations

Expanded partnership will allow publishers to better manage communities and convert readers into paying subscribers without friction

NEW YORK,  NY — June 5, 2019 — World Table, the online public engagement platform for the world of journalism, and LaterPay, which offers users immediate, frictionless access to content or services without requiring upfront registration or payment, have announced the expansion of their partnership to help publications build, manage and serve their communities, converting users into subscribed readers. World Table and LaterPay have teamed together to help publishers utilize the World Table platform to collect subscriptions and revenue in new channels, with the shared goal of motivating audiences to pay for high quality content while also elevating the online conversation. 

“Good journalism is worth paying for,” said Bryan Hall, CEO of World Table. “By partnering with LaterPay, we are determined to leverage our platform to provide readers with a space to engage further with authors and publishers and to offer a frictionless way for audiences to financially support journalists and publications for their work.” 

A public benefit company, World Table is committed to supporting and funding effective, responsible, and sustainable journalism. At the heart of this is the company’s recognition that journalism requires an engaged community, providing a forum for civil discourse and public debate and incentivizing readers to act as content creators, curators, and ultimately customers. World Table supports smaller newspapers who are looking to capture the attention of, and grow, their audiences, by helping develop a community of readers and build a subscriber base; larger publications leverage World Table’s suite of tools to manage their audiences filter engaged readers into subscribed users.

“As digital advertising plateaus, publishers are accelerating the pursuit of direct revenue from audiences,” said Hal Bailey, COO of LaterPay. “At the same time, we know that only a very small portion of an audience will commit to a subscription. That’s where LaterPay and World Table come in – identifying new means to monetize publications and their content.”

LaterPay enables publishers to convert engaged users into subscribers at a higher rate and monetize users unlikely to ever subscribe by offering them immediate access to content that they pay for later. By using LaterPay’s solution, digital publishers and service providers can simultaneously expand existing subscription models, increase paying customer bases and improve user experience.

About World Table
World Table makes online engagement tools for publishers, editors, and journalists specifically in the news industry. World Table has a complete suite of audience engagement tools, including one of the best, easiest-to-use online commenting systems and a highly effective, yet low maintenance moderation system. All our tools are fully integrated with TownNews’ BLOX CMS, and install in a matter of minutes. For more about World Table PBC

About LaterPay
LaterPay owns patented technology for enabling micropayments without upfront registration, facilitated by the “use now, pay later” approach. This allows users to consume paid content and services on the internet with one or two clicks — without prior registration or having to pay in advance. It is only when the online tab’s $5 limit is reached that users are prompted to register and pay. LaterPay aims to empower content providers to monetize the vast space that lives between ads and subscriptions.