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‘Onboarding’ digital subscribers through micropayments

Micropayments have helped “gently onboard” readers into becoming paying customers, with “pay what you can” memberships or “pay later” functionality that lowers consumer commitment (which can be attractive in a world where readers are bombarded with subscription offers). “Users are willing to pay only for what they consume and they expect a very seamless process with a variety of choices,” says Cosmin Ene, founder and CEO of LaterPay. Frictionless sign-up and payment forms are critical to attracting potential subscribers or single-item purchasers, as well as the option to access quality content first and pay later. “A combination of choice and trust-based models will help publishers succeed in monetizing more users going forward,” says Ene.


How to make your digital readers want to pay — from micropayments to social media subscriptions

While it is true that different monetisation models work for different actors, in this article we hear from two micropayment platform pioneers, LaterPay and SatoshiPay, describing how their solutions can enable consumer revenue without signing up for numerous subscriptions. Also given a voice is Karla Geci, Head of Media Partnerships and Marketing EMEA, Facebook, who explains their strategy to test support for subscriptions models in Facebook Instant Articles and how publishers can make a profit.