LaterPay at Google’s AMP Conference

This month, Google hosted the 2018 AMP Conf in Amersterdam – a conference where developers and tech leaders connected to discuss and learn about all things AMP (accelerated mobile pages). Our own Tiago Rodrigues, a LaterPay Front End Developer, was on stage for “AMP in Production” – an informative panel conversation about how to actually create production-ready AMP sites. He shares his top 3 AMP takeaways below:

Tiago’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  • Pages with highly dynamic content, such as user generated forums, which update very frequently (like reddit list pages) are still not a good fit for AMP given how often the AMP cache updates
  • AMP Roadshows and weekly Design Reviews (open online calls with the community) are good ways to influence the technical and product direction of AMP
  • Customers coming to agencies building AMP content are generally interested in being aware of the fact their pages are built in AMP as they trust that a technology backed by Google will make their pages faster and more reliable


Watch the full discussion here:


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