Content Provider FAQ

What is LaterPay?

LaterPay is a payment platform that makes it possible for content providers like you to sell digital content directly from your own site and accept micropayments from $0.05 and up. Your users can purchase your content with a single click without pre-registration or pre-payment, which significantly increases conversion ratios in the purchasing process. LaterPay collects the purchases of your users across sites and compiles them into a complete invoice for payment once the total amount of purchases reaches $5.00. Thus, the buyers can be convinced by your offer, which builds trust.

The patented LaterPay method enables you as a provider the possibility to economically market your content from $0.05 and up, because the transaction costs only apply once $5.00 is accrued, which greatly increases your profit.

LaterPay offers to sell your content through four revenue models: Pay-per-Use (PPU) for micropayments, Single Sales for directly purchasing higher-priced products, Time Passes for your users to have only temporary access to a selected piece of content, or Free to Read for monetizing additional content. 

Who is able to sell with LaterPay?

Any provider with digital content can sell with LaterPay. For European content providers, it is necessary that you have a European sales tax identification number and that you are at least 18 years old.

LaterPay excludes providers of pornography, gambling services and illegal content.

How can I sell content?

LaterPay provides four revenue models for the sale of digital content:

1.  Pay-per-Use: Micro purchase with later payment

Use now, pay later. With Pay-per-Use the user buys content with a single click and gets immediate access - without needing to register beforehand. Payment must be made by the user once they attempt to complete a purchase with a content provider and the total of their cross-device invoice is over $5.00.

Through micropayments, LaterPay lowers both the barrier to entry for paid content and the transaction costs. This enables the sale of content from $0.05 and up to be profitable.

2. Single Sale: Single item purchase with direct payment

With Single Sale, content providers can sell higher-priced content from $1.49 - $149.99. The user logs in with their LaterPay user account (or creates one) and receives access to the content immediately after payment.

3. Time Passes: Time limited flatrate access

With Time Passes, users purchase time limited full access to a specified amount of content. The price and duration of the Time Passes can be fully customized by the content provider.

4. Free-to-Read: Premium complementary content

LaterPay enables the monetization of additional content. In addition to the free content, users can pay for further information and services. We call this “free-to-read”: the reading is free, but the additional content is not.

Which services does LaterPay cover?

LaterPay operates as your unlimited payment platform. LaterPay takes care of:             

  • The provision of the LaterPay payment method, including
    • Processing of payments through the chosen payment methods
    • Payouts of sales revenue
  • User management, including
    • Tracking of sales
    • Aggregation of all purchases across content providers
    • User administration
  • Digital document preparation, including
    • Invoices for all users
    • Credit notes for content providers
  • Additional Services, including
    • Sales statistics for your sales
    • Sales tax administration   

On which systems does LaterPay work?

LaterPay works on all current systems with all updated browsers, such as:

  • Desktop: Windows, OSX and Linux
  • Mobile: Windows Mobile, iOS and Android

How do I integrate LaterPay?

The LaterPay method can be integrated in three ways:

  1. API - You can embed LaterPay directly with the HTTPS REST API.
  2. Connector - The connector enables the integration of LaterPay by embedding a JavaScript Snippet.
  3. WordPress Plugin - With the LaterPay plugin, LaterPay can be integrated directly into a WordPress installation. (Please note that the WordPress Plugin is not yet available on

What does LaterPay cost?

From content providers, LaterPay charges a transparent transaction fee of 15% per transaction, all inclusive. That means that the costs of all the respective payment methods (e.g credit card fees) are included in this transaction fee, as well as all of the LaterPay services around your sales, such as the digital receipts and invoices, the sales tax management and the user management. As a content provider, you do not take on any risk, because LaterPay has no fixed fees and no minimum contract duration.

If you don’t sell anything, you don’t pay anything.

How do I become a LaterPay content provider? Which documents does LaterPay need from me?

In order to become a content provider with LaterPay, you must follow these steps:

  1. Open a free LaterPay user account
  2. Integrate LaterPay into your site and test it in the LaterPay Sandbox environment
  3. Officially register by signing the LaterPay contract 

Step 1 - LaterPay Account: You can open your LaterPay user account here:

Step 2 - LaterPay Integration: After the successful integration of LaterPay into your website, we offer a corresponding test environment(Sandbox) that simulates purchases without actually posting any payments. For this you’ll need authorized access to Sandbox.

Users of the LaterPay WordPress plugin can access their data in the tab “Account” under the plugin settings. If you would like to integrate LaterPay through the API or Connector, please contact us at and include your name so that we can provide you with your login data.

Step 3 - LaterPay Registration: To finalize your registration as a LaterPay content provider, we ask that you submit the signed LaterPay contract, which you can download here:

In addition to the information in the contract, we ask that you submit:

As an Individual:

  • A copy of your valid identification card

As a Legal Entity:

  • Commercial certificate of registration (no older than six months)
  • The names of all of the beneficial owners (every individual who either directly or indirectly holds more than 25% of the shares or controls more than 25% of the voting rights)

European content providers are required to provide a European sales tax identification number (VAT Reg. Nr.) in order to fulfill the contract.

Please send the original signed copy of the contract along with all necessary information and documents to:

LaterPay GmbH

Auenstraße 100

D-80469 München

We’ll review your contract and send you your login data and additional information within one business day of receipt.      

Which payment methods does LaterPay support?

At this time, users are able to use the following payment methods to pay their LaterPay invoice:

  1. credit card
  2. bank transfers, and
  3. SEPA direct debit (for transfers in Euro only)

Additional payment methods will be supported soon.

Where is LaterPay available, and in which currencies?   

For content providers, LaterPay is already available in Germany and Austria, but will be expanding to other countries soon. If you’re a content provider outside of Germany or Austria interested in monetizing with LaterPay, please email us at We’d love to talk to you!    

For users LaterPay is available anywhere in the world, and users can pay for their purchase with any currency. 

Is LaterPay secure?

Yes, LaterPay is secure. LaterPay is a German company and operates its servers in Germany. Your data will not be saved on separate servers around the world; it will stay only in Germany.

LaterPay also provides a high level of security for your users: LaterPay only saves the personal data that we are legally required to have as a payment service: Name, Birthday and Address. We require this data for registration, because as a payment service we are required to know who we are receiving money from in order to protect against money laundering. We also require a billing address for payment, a portion of the payment method details (e.g. the last four numbers of the chosen credit card) and the purchased content. After the expiration of the statutory retention period, this data is permanently deleted.

What happens if a customer does not reach the $5 limit?

The user will first be asked to pay as soon as he reaches the $5 limit. Since up to that point no payment by the user is made, no money is paid to LaterPay or the content provider, so no fees are charged to the content provider. Fees are only charged on paid sales and disbursed funds. 

When does LaterPay disburse payment?

LaterPay disburses revenues weekly, for all transactions within the previous 30 days.      

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