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Content Monetization


Here is a series of information focusing on content monetization. This collection is aimed to help publishers, bloggers, influencers and video creators understand the business, methods and tech to build effective content monetization strategies.


How to monetize a blog


Tell me if this sounds familiar: Your readership is growing, but your bank account isn’t. 

It’s a problem that your fellow bloggers, video producers and publishers are also facing. 

There are currently five main methods that most websites utilize in order to put some cash in their pockets...


Navigating the paid content ecosystem: paywalls and beyond


There are paywall models appropriate for sites ranging from large scale publishers to smaller blogs and video channels. Find a paywall that works for your content monetization strategy. 


The state of paid content REPORT


The ad model is still broken, the 'pivot to readers' is incomplete, and conditions are right for business model experimentation.


Reader buy-in: How to increase site revenue by asking for contributions on your blog


 One of the major challenges that bloggers and digital journalists face is monetizing content via their readers, who have grown accustomed to free access. Quality content takes time, money and skill to produce, and its very existence may depend on whether consumers contribute financially to sustain it.


Best Wordpress payment plugin to monetize your content


Are you looking to start monetizing your site by offering article purchases, time passes, subscriptions or contributions? The LaterPay Wordpress plugin is the only full-featured plug-in that’s free to download and gives content creators greater control over their website’s pricing, look and messaging.