How to successfully sell high-quality eLearning content with LaterPay

Richard Gutjahr is a well-known German journalist, blogger, TV presenter and has been teaching at journalism schools for many years. 

Gutjahr normally leads training and further education courses directly on-site, for example in broadcasting companies or at publishing houses. The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, and his own enthusiasm for digital applications led him to react early and try out a new approach.


Gutjahr has worked with thousands of volunteers, reporters and editors over the last few years and has developed a good feeling for what communication professionals need to get started on the net. This led to the idea to add a new section - Workshops & Webinars - to his personal site, The courses are designed in such a way that you can start right sway, even without any previous knowledge, and include topics like: How do I start a blog or podcast? How can I be found on the net?  How do I reach people? The goal is to provide even beginners with an introduction to successful digital journalism.

From idea to new revenue source - all in 6 weeks

To cope with the time pressure of the coronavirus situation, a quick solution was essential. Subsequently, a simple webinar shop was set up based on Wordpress and Zoom. LaterPay proved its flexibility as a platform and could be easily transformed into a system for selling live or on-demand webinars. The final technical connection could be implemented in a short time with Gutjahr's in-house developer. 

With this setup, Gutjahr was not only able to compensate for orders lost due to the coronavirus but he was also able to generate new sales by reaching new customers all over the world that he previously would not have been able to engage with. And thanks to LaterPay, payment was no problem for participants, whether they came from Beijing, San Francisco or Cape Town.


The first seminar season in April was sold out after only three days, and the second season - scheduled for May - was already 40% fully booked at the beginning of the month. 

User-friendliness generates conversions

A well-balanced combination of great courses like "Podcasting" or "Build your Brand" - brand building for individual entrepreneurs - up to the exclusive "One-On-One" is offered at moderate prices - the necessary attention is achieved through targeted social media marketing.


Once the user is on the site, a simple buy-UX makes it easy to register for the desired seminar and pay with your preferred method.

Success is proof

With easily accessible standard tools and minimal development effort, Gutjahr was able to build a successful business model that is not only user-friendly, but also effectively monetizes online.

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