Der Bank Blog


1. You have been an active player in the banking sector for over 30 years. What motivated you to start your own blog,

HL: The Bank Blog was originally intended as a platform to showcase my business consulting activities. In the meantime, however, the project has spun off into a full-fledged, web-based trade journal.


2. What moved you to begin including paid content in your blog about a year and a half ago?

HL: We know that it is in fact extremely difficult to monetize even high-quality content on the Internet. The classic media committed a number of initial blunders that are still felt by all providers to this day. Consequently, one must pursue many different avenues to ‘get to Rome,’ that is, to get an Internet project to make money. One of these avenues is paid content, although this is only used very sparingly in the Bank Blog.


3. You rely on LaterPay to sell background articles on banks and financial services. How have your users responded to the introduction of paid content?

HL: Actually, it is not the articles as such that I am selling, but rather the special service which I offer my readers to relieve them of what can sometimes be a cumbersome search for meaningful content on the web. 99% of readers who use the service accept this and are also willing to pay for it. Occasionally, I will offer additional special content, for example e-books.


4. What kind of success has LaterPay generated for you so far?

HL: The integration of Laterpay yields a constant monthly contribution toward covering the costs of the Bank Blog. (Recommended reading: Cosmin Ene on Experiences with Paid Content in 2016)


5. Are there paid content offerings that you would like to integrate in your blog in the future?

HL: I would like to test the acceptance of subscriptions versus time passes, and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) integration is on our joint to-do list as well. Adblockers are another exciting subject. Again, LaterPay has come up with an interesting solution, which I am also examining closely.


Of course, there are many more ideas on how a simple payment service like LaterPay can be used to market additional services for readers. But this is not the time and place to reveal every last detail – and some of the ideas have yet to mature.