Best WordPress payment plugin to monetize your content

DoMoreAre you looking to start monetizing your site by offering article purchases, time passes, subscriptions or contributions? The LaterPay WordPress plugin is the only full-featured plug-in that’s free to download and gives content creators greater control over their website’s pricing, look and messaging.


Here are a few of the unique features that you can easily implement on your site by downloading the LaterPay plugin:

Read now. Pay later:

With LaterPay, your readers can view the content on your website within seconds by simply committing to pay for it later. Once the reader’s tab hits $5, they’ll be asked to pay. You do have the ability to ask your readers to pay now, but we found that the pay later model converts more users into paying customers. Allowing readers to pay later gets  5X the engagements and up to 2.5X the repurchase rate than asking readers for immediate payment.

Easy implementation:

Our plugin is part of the WordPress VIP program, which ensures that each and every update meets high quality standards, ensuring easy integration and value added features. Simply 1) install the plugin, 2) create a LaterPay account, and 3) enter your credentials on the LaterPay plugin Account tab & flip the switch to make LaterPay “live” on your site. You can begin generating revenue as easy as 1, 2, 3.

You set the price, messaging and look:

Use global pricing -- for a quick and easy setup -- or spend more time setting up granular pricing for specific content categories or articles. You also have the freedom to easily configure the look and feel to ensure that it matches your brand. From simple adjustments to messaging and colors, to setting up custom positioning of the purchase button, our plugin allows options for both the technical and the technically challenged. You can even test pricing, messaging, and look of the purchase dialogs and make changes anytime based on what’s working for your site.


Each LaterPay post will contain a teaser. This is a completely customizable excerpt of the content that lets the reader sample the article before committing to a purchase. Once the user commits to the purchase, the plug-in will unlock all related content.

Full-featured content monetization functionality:


Subscriptions are the ultimate goal for any content creator. LaterPay facilitates this business model and converts more visitors to your site into subscribers by easing them into the commitment with less binding options. For example, 17% of readers who purchase a time pass end up subscribing.

Time passes

Time passes work well for casual readers to your site who won’t consider a long term subscription. Our unique feature-set allows content creators to offer an affordable, time-bound pass. Readers can browse content categories for a pre-set time limit- a day, a week, a month. Think of it as selling them an issue of a paper or magazine rather than a subscription.  It eases readers into the idea of subscribing to your site and ensures that you monetize the less serious reader.

Single article purchases

Single article purchases are the path of least resistance for readers. They pay for exactly what they want to read. With the aggregated tab on our pay later model, you are able to charge as little as $.05 per article without the worry of excessive fees on micropayments. We take care of all of those fees on our side so you can offer and make money on a-la-carte content.


Contributions are a much more passive way of collecting reader financial support. You can ask for contributions with LaterPay with or without the use of the features listed above. Simply use the LaterPay Button Generator located within your LaterPay account to create a new contribution button and copy and paste the code anywhere in your WordPress site.

Free download, no fees:

You don’t pay anything to install the LaterPay WordPress plugin on your website. LaterPay gets paid only when you get paid. For a limited time we are charging a flat 15% commission on sales you generate with LaterPay. We will not charge you any payout, transaction or any other fees. We handle all of those on our end as well as all of the invoicing and processing operations so you can focus on creating great content.