What Our Clients Are Saying About LaterPay

For publishers, figuring out how to best take advantage of paid content can seem an impossible task. But Hamburger Morgenpost, Golem.de and flassbeck-economics all decided to use LaterPay as their solution to revenue generation for their digital content, and we’re excited to announce their results.

Since November 2014, the Hamburger Morgenpost (Mopo) has offered selected background stories, series articles, and their event calendar “Plan7” for a price of 10 to 40 cents per article. Their website www.mopo.de uses LaterPay’s Pay-Per-Use option.

Each day mopo.de offers about three paid articles. The conversion rate between a user clicking on an article and then purchasing it is about 70 percent, meaning only around 30 percent decide against purchasing after seeing the LaterPay prompt, “Read now, pay later.” Exclusive stories about Hamburg’s sports and society sell especially well. They sell thousands of single articles daily. Based on www.mopo.de’s mean unique user data, conversion rates on exclusive content are between 10 and 30 percent. Mopo has not detected any negative effects on traffic or search engine rankings with LaterPay.

Henning Langer, head of digital at Mopo, sums it up for us: “We are very satisfied with the cooperation regarding sales and with LaterPay as a partner. After finishing up a lengthy testing process, we will now expand the number of paid articles we offer.”

Since 2014, Golem.de has offered their own subscription model. Users are able to subscribe to “Golem Pure” for one month (€ 4), half a year (€ 18) or for a year (€ 30) to access the website without ads and with several exclusive benefits. With LaterPay time passes, Golem.de now offers an additional trial subscription: users are able to test “Golem Pure” for either three days (€ 1) or seven days(€ 2).

Benjamin Sterbenz, chief editor at Golem.de, comments: “Since May 2015 we have used LaterPay’s time passes. Based on overwhelming feedback from readers, we are able to say that 90 percent of our users have committed to a long-term ‘Golem Pure’ subscription after purchasing three-day or seven-day time passes.”

Heiner Flassbeck publishes critical analysis and comments about economy and politics on www.flassbeck-economics.de. In April 2015, he decided to give paid content a try with LaterPay. “A lot of publishers fear deploying paid content solutions due to complicated technical implementation and scaring off users,” he says. “For almost a year now we have been counting on LaterPay and barely had any initial difficulties. There is money in paid content on the Internet if you offer content that distinguishes from the masses and if the technology works.”

Besides time passes, flassbeck-economics uses our Pay-Per-Use feature. Users are able to read part of the article free of charge, and may purchase it afterwards. In addition, www.flassbeck-economics.de uses dynamic pricing. This allows for an automatic price adjustment. Articles that may have been priced at 50 cents at initial publication are lowered to 20 cents after two weeks automatically.

Seeing our products working so well for our customers fills us with immense pride. We are looking forward to continuing our successful collaboration with them.