User Experience Will Suffer from Growth in Video Advertising. There Must Be a Better Way.



We’ve seen it happen in digital publishing. The ad supported model was a huge success for many years, until ads became too intrusive and really began to interfere with the user experience. Subsequently the effectiveness of ads diminished and technologies like ad blockers emerged to cut further into advertising revenues. 

Advertising is still a big source of revenue for digital media channels especially the rapidly growing market for video ads. But inevitably the growth will subside and video ads will follow the trend set by display ads in digital publishing. Ad revenue growth means more ads. More ads means a worse experience for your users.  Video ad blockers are already out there, so publishers should prevent history from repeating itself by getting ahead of the trend.

We’re not suggesting that publishers step away from advertising altogether. There is still lots of potential there and video publishers should ride the wave while it lasts. However, it is time to start thinking about diversifying your strategy so you don’t end up in the same predicament as many digital publishers found themselves when they experienced disruptions in their content distribution and a downturn in digital ad revenue. Many publishers found that relying on ad revenue alone couldn’t sustain their operations anymore and are today scrambling to make up the difference.

Locking users into subscriptions is the first instinct for all publishers and recurring models are still the holy grail. Subscriptions, however, are a hard sell to users especially when everyone is asking them to subscribe. Now publishers are exploring lower friction models as a means to feed and supplement their existing subscription funnels. 

SportDigital_Video_PostThis is where LaterPay comes into play. We help publishers and creators monetize their content, and we specialize in using low friction offers to generate user revenue. We have been helping digital publishers for many years with proven results, and we have developed features to support the video industry in the same way. We are effectively monetizing live streams and on-demand for video clients like SportDigital and helping innovative creators like Hoepner + Hoepner generate revenue from their viewers. We're also providing solutions for paid live videos from events like the Digital Innovators Summit, hosted by FIPP and VDZ.

LaterPay allows you to sell individual videos, offer timed access to your content, and subscriptions with easy integration on several video players. We can also help you set up ad-free access offers or collect contributions from your viewers. We work alongside your advertising program, while providing your viewers greater choice to cater to their preferences

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