Supporting Quality Journalism the LaterPay Way

newspaper stock photo

In the wake of the 2016 election and the era of #FakeNews that followed, the push to promote and reward quality journalism has never been higher. Tech companies, like Google and Twitter, have been implementing programs and initiatives in order to both promote quality journalism and ride the internet of fake news and bots. YouTube, owned by Google, recently announced that they would be earmarking $25 million in support of quality journalism. The steps these companies are taking to support journalism are all very positive and will no doubt benefit the media and publishing industry as a whole, but what about the little guy? What about the freelance journalist not working for a major publisher or the blogger, who is not associated with a particular brand or organization?

Last month we released a brand-new feature, the LaterPay Button. Among other aims, we created the Button in order to help promote and reward quality journalism. The Button can be embedded in the bottom of an article or blog, in the body of a social media posting, or even in the description of a video on YouTube or another platform. In short, the Button can be used on any medium of media in order to help promote the content of any creator or journalist not being compensated by a large publisher or organization, without relying on the generally frustrating use of ads.  

Unlike a paywall, the LaterPay Button allows users to consume and enjoy the content of their favorite writers and creators before contributing any dollar amount. In this way, the user will be able to enjoy the content and then based on the quality, contribute to the creator of the content. Creators can set the donation amount to whichever amount they would prefer and then use the button across any medium in order to be rewarded for producing engaging and quality content. The process is frictionless and requires little time commitment from the user.