Smarticle - the smart all-in-one subscription shop solution


Smarticle offers publishers who want to take their online subscription business to the next level an exciting all-in-one subscription shop solution. The name says it all. The platform offers everything a publisher needs for online sales, processes are kept simple and costs are kept low through smart automation. 

With LaterPay on board, publishers have been receiving a full-service solution for digital sales from a single source since the beginning of 2019. LaterPay complements Smarticle's publishing system with all the functions needed for sales and payment processing.

Smarticle in Detail

The focus at Smarticle is clearly on subscription sales and here the platform offers real a plug-and-play solution. Starting from a print workflow, publishers can convert their PDFs into a platform-suitable format and then distribute them on their own channels, such as their website, as well as on various relevant platforms. This enables fully-fledged multi-channel distribution that makes it easy to sell digital subscriptions, digital/print bundles and individual digital editions online.

Of course, this works for digital content, but it is also ideal for selling "Print Plus subscriptions" - i.e. where publishers want to offer additional ePaper access in addition to the existing print subscription. It’s both practical and user-friendly: existing subscribers can simply log in via e-mail and have direct access to the digital publications at no additional cost.

Flexible Payment-System – LaterPay

For payment processing, the integrated and ready-to-use payment system from LaterPay can be used as desired. Here the platform shows its flexibility and it has a lot more to offer besides the paywall function and the obligatory ‘checkout with several payment’ option, both of which are common in the publishing sector. 

For example, individual articles and contributions can be sold directly from an ePaper. Time-limited access can be created with the "time pass," which can be for several hours or even days.


The various functions allow readers to be carefully introduced to paid content without directly requesting a full subscription membership. This has been very well received by readers and enables publishers to reach a broader target group. 

Marketing Features

A very interesting extra is the marketing features. For example, Smarticle's Leadwall offers the possibility of making the entire digital offering accessible in exchange for a free registration, for a limited time of course.


Users get to know the content, can convince themselves of its quality and at the same time are carefully introduced to paid content. Publishers are provided with insights into reading behavior and new contacts - that's a real win-win situation.

Furthermore, Smarticle can even create vouchers for special promotions, which can then be used to promote the subscription business.

Solid Overall Package

If you like it easy and fast, you will most likely feel comfortable at Smarticle. Smarticle also offers a very solid overall package that allows publishers to take their online business to a more modern level and increase performance without having to rebuild the entire infrastructure at immense costs. So this solution is definitely worth a look.

More about Smarticle and LaterPay can be found on the Smarticle website.