LaterPay Partners with Video Market Leader Flowplayer

LaterPay is excited to announce a new partnership with Flowplayer, the largest global video management platform. Flowplayer will incorporate our LaterPay plug-in into its existing stack, allowing Flowplayer’s clients to further monetize their video content by giving consumers an easy way  of purchasing videos or skipping advertisements without having to register and pay upfront.

“In the highly competitive and crowded space of video content, monetization remains a major priority for creators and platforms alike,” said Hal Bailey, Chief Revenue Officer of LaterPay. “We are proud to form an alliance with this established market leader, and by doing so are pushing for better revenue options in entertainment.”

Flowplayer’s platform powers video for major brands including Bonnier, Disney and HBO. This partnership marks LaterPay’s major foray into the U.S. video market. Publishers and video creators that integrate LaterPay can choose from a number of monetization solutions that best suit their needs. Using our industry-first, patented payment infrastructure, companies can give consumers flexibility to purchase a specific article, timed access to content or a full subscription in an immediate and frictionless manner.

LaterPay turns users into paying customers for digital content or services such as journalism, videos, and software. We own patented technology for enabling payments and micropayments without upfront registration and payment, facilitating the “use now, pay later” approach. This allows users to consume paid content and services on the internet with one or two clicks — without prior registration or having to pay in advance. It is only when the online tab’s limit is reached that users are prompted to register and pay via one of many popular payment methods.

By decoupling purchases from payments, we are able to lower the entry thresholds for users to consume digital goods and services. With LaterPay, companies can tap into new customer groups, get users acquainted with paid content, and gradually but successfully market higher-value paid models such as time passes and subscriptions. In this manner, we are building a bridge between free, ad-financed offerings and subscription models by providing a paygate, empowering content providers to monetize the vast space that lives between ads and subscriptions.