Finally, a Simple Way to Monetize Video Content – 10 Facts about LaterPay


Do you produce high-quality video content and are you searching for a convenient payment system? LaterPay provides easy-to-integrate solutions for the monetization of your video content. Our 10 facts show why both publishers and users alike benefit from LaterPay.

1. One solution for all content formats
Text, images, or video – LaterPay lets you monetize all paid digital content through one provider. You are free to choose what to sell, even individual content items. Without a general subscription or paywall, and independent of particular formats.

2. No cost without revenue
Have high investment costs kept you from properly implementing your paid content strategy for video? With LaterPay, you only have to pay if your video content sells. Only then, a fixed and calculable sales commission applies – with nothing more to consider: No investment costs | No running costs | No minimum revenue.

3. Quickstart for your payment formats
Initial integration of LaterPay on your website requires only a few hours of work. A plug-in provided by LaterPay is integrated into the source code with only one line of code. The back end allows you to set the monetization type: Single Purchase, Time Pass or Subscription – by selecting either “Pay now” or “Pay later”.

4. Users love the “watch first, pay later” approach
What the LaterPay principle has proven for text and image content is equally true for video formats: 72% of users want to consume first and care about payment modalities later. Our experience shows that more than 80% of filled carts are indeed paid for.

5. The most advanced way to monetize video content
With LaterPay, you are relying on the same monetization model that even big publishers like Spiegel and Frankfurter Rundschau favor – the payment funnel:> Step 1: The user is made aware of paid content> Step 2: Through “watch first, pay later”, the user becomes a customer> Step 3: Returning customers use video time passes that end automatically> Step 4: Satisfied frequent customers choose the convenient automatic renewal option and become video subscribers.

6. Patented solution for micropayments
With its patent on cross-platform aggregation of micropayments, LaterPay offers a unique solution for a paid content strategy based on individual purchases. For example: If a user makes several purchases from various providers, all micropayments are collected in a single LaterPay shopping cart. Once the cart value reaches 5 euros, the money is paid out to the merchant. This way even smaller amounts quickly accumulate to a disbursable sum.

7. Unrestricted price setting – Your content defines the value
A successful paid content strategy demands the highest degree of pricing flexibility. This is why LaterPay grants you complete freedom. Whether it is 5 cents, 50 cents, or up to 150 euros – the value of your paid videos alone determines the price.

8. Watch advertisements or pay – Your customer decides
Your digital video content delivers high production values and therefore has to be monetized? Some of your customers understand this, but are bothered by ads? With LaterPay, you let the users decide if they want to see advertisements or skip the ads by paying.

9. Free integration support
The integration of LaterPay into your website or platform is fast, convenient and requires no programming skills. Aided by free integration support, you will be monetizing your video content in a matter of hours.

10. Well-proven system for paid videos
In Germany alone, more than 100 publishers monetize their premium content via LaterPay. This is a rich treasure trove of experience you can draw on when you implement your paid-for video strategy.