Elevating the Sales Funnel with LaterPay

Why has the way we consume content flipped, moving from a ‘push’ model to what can now be considered as ‘pull’? Why must publishers focus on a business model that is user-centric - one where they accept that they are no longer in control of the consumer? And what does it mean to say that there is a world of opportunity between ad-supported content and subscriptions - a world that micropayments are uniquely positioned to unlock?

When LaterPay CEO Cosmin Ene spoke before a select industry group to discuss the challenges publishers are facing today, he discussed why it is essential to take a user-centric model to publishing that allows consumers to access the content they want, when they want and how they want.  He also explained the value micropayments bring to the industry, demonstrating how alternative monetization options, such as time passes, single article purchases and contributions can be used to complement existing paywall and subscription models.

You can check out Cosmin’s session in the link below - and see for yourself why LaterPay believes that putting the trust and choice into the hands of consumers will drive user acquisition for publishers.

Find out how you can start generating more revenue from your users with LaterPay.

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