Danielle Hart

A Shift in Charitable Giving: How Millennials Donate Differently

Charitable giving has undergone a massive change in the 21st century. Direct mail packages remain relatively successful for well-known organizations, especially with Baby Boomers and older generations. But the more tech savvy Millennials are less likely to drop a check in the mail and more likely to donate from their smartphone.

Join the “Giving Tuesday” Movement

The holiday season often ignites a spirit of goodwill around the world. As a result, many nonprofits and charitable organizations see a significant jump in donations between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

How To Monetize A Blog

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Your readership is growing, but your bank account isn’t.  It’s a problem that your fellow bloggers, video producers and publishers are also facing. We live in a fast-paced world where everyone wants gratification immediately. If they’re slowed down by payment and personal information inquiries, viewers simply click “X” and move on. In this scenario, you don’t get ...