Selects LaterPay: Interview with Wilfried Bitz

Wilfried Bitz has been active as a software developer and IT consultant since 1990. Through his blog,, he primarily addresses an expert audience in the field of IT development. Users are presented with tried and practice-tested source code examples and solutions that can be deployed or implemented in their own source code right away. This service saves users a lot of time and provides additional, personalized support and specific answers to technical questions. Since April 2017, the IT blog has been offering selected digital services with LaterPay. In our interview, Wilfried Bitz explains why he opted for LaterPay’s payment solutions.


LaterPay: Mr. Bitz, you have been working in IT as a software developer and consultant for more than 27 years. What spurred you to start your own blog,

Mr. Bitz: Countless IT solutions had come up over this long 27-year period, collecting in my drawer all this time. Eventually the idea formed to create a platform that would allow me to offer this know-how to a broader public. With a view to making a little money with it as well, my initial thought was to run advertisements on the platform.

LaterPay: On your blog,, you later spoke out against ad-based monetization. What are the reasons for that?

Mr. Bitz: The deeper I got into it, the more I realized how annoyed I was by the advertising on other web pages. Ads have become increasingly agressive and intrusive on many sites in the last few years. This is a development which I did not want to feed and sustain with my own blog. Thus, the idea of a payment system sprang to mind.


LaterPay: For about a month now, you have been offering access to selected VB.Net source code solutions through LaterPay. What was the deciding factor to use our technology? How is your product structured? 

Mr. Bitz: It was important to me to have a system that is easy to administer. Integrating LaterPay into a WordPress blog and configuring it is a breeze. My standard charge for a simple function, such as the VB.Net code, is 0.39 EUR including support. More comprehensive solutions will cost between 0.99 EUR and 2.49 EUR. In addition to that, the system gives me the option to sell a daily pass for 4.99 EUR. This allows users to access all the content on my blog for a 24-hour period.

Listed payment options for VB.Net-code download on

Listed payment options for VB.Net-code download on

LaterPay: In your view, what are the opportunities for small blogs and publishers in introducing paid content?

Mr. Bitz: Whether or not this idea will prevail is not something I can gauge after such a short time. But generally, paid content offers like those from LaterPay are a great opportunity and, most importantly, an essential way to protect your product and keep your website from being cluttered with annoying ads. I will continue on this path.


LaterPay: Are you planning to extend the paid content offering on your blog?

Mr. Bitz: I will stay productive and keep turning out fresh content for my blog – and move forward with the good feeling that my know-how is well-protected and monetizable by using LaterPay.


LaterPay: Are there any key experiences regarding the deployment and integration of LaterPay that you can share with other interested blog operators?

Mr. Bitz: In terms of my experience up to this point, I can only speak in favor of WordPress. The integration of LaterPay is very simple and transparent. I can recommend this system to all WordPress bloggers who want to monetize their content.


Thank you very much for this interview!


Further information on the use of LaterPay share Ann Kathrin Ziegler from the Bergedorfer Zeitung and 'The Bank Blog' publisher Dr. Hansjörg Leichsenring.