LaterPay AdVantage Case Study: Gruner + Jahr reduced the use of adblockers by up to 45 percent

The increasing spread of adblockers is significantly reducing publishing houses’ advertising revenues. This led Gruner + Jahr to experiment with new solutions to protect ads. Since beginning to use LaterPay AdVantage in 2016, Gruner + Jahr was able to reduce the adblocker usage rate by as much as 45 percent on sites like, and, simultaneously recovering lost advertising revenue.

Gruner + Jahr‘s declared objective in the cooperation with LaterPay was a significant reduction in the adblocker usage rate, with a simultaneous high acceptance of this procedure by the reader.

Due to the close collaboration between Gruner + Jahr and LaterPay, a legally robust and optically and functionally tailor-made solution was created by using LaterPay AdVantage. With LaterPay AdVantage, readers can decide for themselves how they want to experience content on, and while Gruner+Jahr is able to ensure the financing of the content.

When the websites are accessed, a non-closeable dialog window appears which offers two options: either the reader can disable their adblocker and continue accessing content free of charge, or they can buy a day pass or week pass, allowing them to access all content with their active adblocker. The booked time passes are not automatically renewed but can be extented by the user at any time with only two clicks. The reader can thus decide how they would like to access the content, depending on the situation.

Implementation of LaterPay AdVantage on

Implementation of LaterPay AdVantage on

For the implementation on the websites, Gruner + Jahr was using the LaterPay Connector. Just with a few lines of code and a reduced expenditure of time, LaterPay AdVantage is also easily working in complex content management systems. Details of the user approach and the price model were subsequently defined via the LaterPay backend. Individual features were developed and refined cooperatively with Gruner+Jahr.

Since the system was introduced in 2016, the adblocker usage rate onthe Gruner + Jahr websites fell by up to 45 percent within a few months, which led to a sustained recovery of advertising revenues. The dialogue with the readers also increases the perception of the value of editorial online content on a long term base.