Recruiting at LaterPay

The LaterPay team is distributed across Europe and the Americas. We love being a remote team, but there are challenges that come along with that, hiring being one of them; for instance we can’t sit together to discuss the process or invite applicants to come to our office. Our solution: all of our recruiting is digital and optimized for a remote hiring team.

An AMP Paywall and Subscription Model for All Publishers

Publishers – aware of user’s shift to mobile, their desire for rapid access to content, and the fact that Google accounts for as much as 40 percent of referral traffic – have widely jumped on board and adopted the project’s code to develop AMP pages. To empower quality journalism and support the efforts of publishers to monetize their content, LaterPay has leveraged AMP’s ability to integrate with third party services to develop a component that allows all publishers to easily include a paywall and subscription model, as well as a paygate which allows monetization of single purchases through LaterPay in their AMP monetization strategy, called AMP Access LaterPay.

LaterPay for video: Market video content the smart way

Can you still remember the internet without video content? A long-forgotten time – similar to the era of black and white television. Today, videos are the most sought after and therefore the most valuable property of a publisher. And videos are popular online: 50 million gigabytes of internet traffic stem from moving image content – a lucrative market for advertisers, publishers, and all other kinds of website operators. According to Statista, the sales volume of video advertisements online was around 363 million euros in Germany this year. The Privater Rundfunk und Telemedien e.V. Association is even more optimistic and predicts growth of 20 to 25 per cent in 2017 to approximately 500 million euros1 for net advertising sales in the field of in-stream video advertising alone. In the USA, the advertising sales for moving image content is even forecast to be as high as almost ten billion euros2 in 2017.

Why Ad Blindness is Your Biggest Enemy

Monetizing your content is very important if you wish to stay in business as a publisher. Start with one monetization method then add another one after you've achieved success on a small scale. You don't have to build Rome in a day. Publishing success takes time. It's all about building trust, both in your readers and in your sponsors. In this guest article, journalist and freelance editor Allen Taylor shows seven reasons why ad blindness is the biggest enemy to monetizing your website.

8 Reasons Your Readers Don't Subscribe

Securing subscribers involves a strategic plan that begins with defining your publishing brand, then delivering the highest quality content to readers that are hungry for more. Allen Taylor, a journalist, freelance writer and editor, specializes in next-generation technology topics. In this guest article, he summarizes eight reasons how publishers can retain their readers as subscribers. Selects LaterPay: Interview with Wilfried Bitz

Wilfried Bitz has been active as a software developer and IT consultant since 1990. Through his blog,, he primarily addresses an expert audience in the field of IT development. Users are presented with tried and practice-tested source code examples and solutions that can be deployed or implemented in their own source code right away. This service saves users a lot of time and provides additional, personalized support and specific answers to technical questions. Since April 2017, the IT blog has been offering selected digital services with LaterPay. In our interview, Wilfried Bitz explains why he opted for LaterPay’s payment solutions.

Bergedorfer Zeitung Selects LaterPay: Interview with Ann Kathrin Ziegler

Since 1874, Bergedorfer Zeitung has covered politics, business, sports and culture with a focus on Hamburg and the world. The regional daily newspaper began using LaterPay in mid-2016 to monetize a selected range of digital content. In interview below, Ann Kathrin Ziegler, sales and marketing coordinator, talks about Bergedorfer Zeitung’s recent experience with paid content, the challenges of digital service and reader acceptance of LaterPay.

'Paygates instead of paywalls': LaterPay at the Digital Innovators' Summit 2017

From March 20 to 21, 2017, the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ) celebrated the 10th Digital Innovators' Summit (DIS) with more than 600 participants from the international media industry in Berlin. LaterPay Founder and CEO, Cosmin Ene, supported the program with a masterclass: "Paygates instead of paywalls - how publishers can use conversion funnels instead of rigid paywalls to encourage users to pay for content.”

User-Friendly Monetization of Video Content – LaterPay vs. Pre-Rolls, etc.

Today, publishing premium video content is easier than ever. Services like Brightcove, Ooyala or Vimeo offer convenient possibilities to add videos to platforms and websites. The big “M”-question, however, remains: How do I monetize my expensively produced content? With LaterPay, the payment solution that is easy and quick to integrate, premium video content is freed from the constraints of compulsory advertising.

Digital Innovators' Summit: Masterclass about paid content with LaterPay CEO Cosmin Ene

From March 20 to 21, the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ) will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Digital Innovators' Summit (DIS) in Berlin. More than 60 top-level speakers (including publishers, marketers and technologists) from the world's most important markets will be presenting lectures and masterclasses to discuss how new target groups can be explored by using innovative content, services and technologies and strengthening its position even further in the ever-growing digital sales. LaterPay will support the conference program with a masterclass held by CEO Cosmin Ene on March 20.

LaterPay AdVantage Case Study: Gruner + Jahr reduced the use of adblockers by up to 45 percent

The increasing spread of adblockers is significantly reducing publishing houses’ advertising revenues. This led Gruner + Jahr to experiment with new solutions to protect ads. Since beginning to use LaterPay AdVantage in 2016, Gruner + Jahr was able to reduce the adblocker usage rate by as much as 45 percent on sites like, and, simultaneously recovering lost advertising revenue.

Experiences with Paid Content: Interview with 'Der Bank Blog' Publisher Dr. Hansjörg Leichsenring

For more than three decades, Dr. Hansjörg Leichsenring has closely followed the trends and ongoing developments in the financial services sector. Banks and other financial service providers can avail themselves of his expertise as a consultant and (interim) manager. His website, ‘Der Bank Blog,’ has garnered a number of awards, and was most recently recognized as ‘Finance Blog of the Year 2015.’ For over a year, Hansjörg Leichsenring has been using LaterPay to monetize selected background articles and studies on his blog. We asked him to share some of his experiences with paid content and its acceptance among his readers.

Welcome to the Mass Market: Cosmin Ene on Experiences with Paid Content in 2016

The market for paid content is on the move. The past year saw experimentation with novel approaches and the entire publishing world can benefit from these experiences. After all, from what we have seen so far, finding the right path for a media brand to develop a new and sustainable source of revenue based on paid content is never a single event, but a continuous learning process.

ModSecurity and Puppet Spelunking

ModSecurity and Puppet Spelunking

This week I have made my first (non-README) contribution to a puppet module.

I was attempting to configure ModSecurity using the puppetlabs-apache puppet module when I discovered that the '/var/log/httpd/modsec_audit.log' file contained the request body for rejected requests. For PCI-DSS reasons, this was not desirous, so I set out to learn how I could configure ModSecurity to stop doing that.