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Smarticle - the smart all-in-one subscription shop solution

Smarticle offers publishers who want to take their online subscription business to the next level an exciting all-in-one subscription shop solution. The name says it all. The platform offers everything a publisher needs for online sales, processes are kept simple and costs are kept low through smart automation. 

Voluntary Payments at the B2B Medium Skift

Skift is a B2B medium for the travel industry that was launched in 2012. Skift offers journalistic content, data and services for both the tourism industry and business travel. After Skift initially raised high expectations among early investors and burned through their start-up financing, the founders Rafat Ali and Jason Clampet decided in 2014 to take a slower, less financially demanding ...

The Standard Advertises for Voluntary Payers. Initially Hidden, It’s Been at Full Throttle in 2020

Mainly under the radar screen, the Austrian daily newspaper The Standard has been experimenting with voluntary payments since mid-2019.

Coronavirus Crisis Pushes Voluntary Payment Models

pv digest regularly reports on individual cases of media that generate considerable revenues in the reader market by asking for subscriptions/memberships/one-off payments without denying access to content to non-payers.

Voluntary Contributions Benefit Publishers AND Readers in the Age of Covid-19

The coronavirus Covid-19 is continuing to dramatically change the way we work and live. It’s impacting almost every person, in every corner of the globe, and in every industry - and it looks set to continue to do so for at least the next 6-8 weeks. In these times people have a higher need for quality content, journalism and information from the sources they trust. That’s why so many publications ...

User Experience Will Suffer from Growth in Video Advertising. There Must Be a Better Way.

How to Plan and Execute Your Content Monetization Strategy

Monetizing your content, particularly from reader revenue, is an inevitable reality for most publishers today. The diminishing revenue from advertising forces publishers to supplement monetization by selling content to their readers. But for most, it’s not as simple as just putting up a hard paywall. It’s much more complicated than that and there are many ever-changing factors to consider. So how ...

How To LaterPay: Do’s and Don'ts from 8 Years’ Expertise

TL;DR: It is entirely possible to make money with paid content, but you have to follow certain rules and patterns. There is no magic bullet, but rather its a process and a mix of low-friction and high-friction models that will ultimately give you an edge over those who have placed all their eggs in one basket. For eight years, LaterPay has been experimenting with and optimizing paid content ...

How to price your content

Pricing is a big part of deciding what offers suit your audience and bringing in the most revenue for your business. Testing different price points and offers is always a good idea, because everyone’s business is different. Getting started, however, can also be overwhelming because of all of the variables that can impact your success and all the different ways you can structure your offers: ...

pv digest: Achieving Digital Distribution Revenue as a Self-Publisher

pv digest is one of Germany’s best sources for in-depth research on media distribution, payment models and paid content. Managing directors, sales managers, reader market managers and product managers in German publishing houses all rely on Markus Schöberl's regular analyses and assessments.