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The LaterPay Connector

Topics: Getting Started · Connector
Experience Level: Intermediate
December 17, 2019 · 1 min read






The LaterPay Connector is a short piece of code that you insert into the HTML of the pages that you want LaterPay to work on.


The LaterPay Connector Script is a method for using LaterPay on any set of web pages. There’s two parts: a <script> tag designating which LaterPay server you are using (U.S. or EU) and a JSON Web Token contained in a <script> tag above the first tag that describes your pricing options.


For a step by step guide to implementing the Connector Script, continue on below. For more technical information on the workings of the LaterPay Connector, please consult our Developer Docs.




Understanding the Connector Dashboard


Using the Connector for Articles


Using the Connector for Videos


Developer Tools

Frequently Asked Questions