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WordPress: Introducing the  Revenue Generator Plugin

Topics: WordPress · Introduction
Experience Level: Beginner
June 29, 2020 · 5 min read





Tip: Did you know that LaterPay has two WordPress plugins? Click here for details.




The Revenue Generator WordPress plugin is LaterPay's newest and simplest integration method. When creating the Revenue Generator, we focused primarily on your experience, making sure that it is as simple and straightforward as possible.


We hope that you will find everything you need inside the plugin, but if you have any questions please reach out to us at wordpress@laterpay.net!


Getting Started with the Revenue Generator

Once you have installed the plugin, the Revenue Generator will guide you through the process of getting started. Simply select where you would like to start, either with Contributions or Paywalls, and we will direct you to the appropriate tutorial. Both options will always be available in the lefthand navigation if you would like to use both features.




Once you have made a selection, we will walk you through a tutorial so you know exactly how to set everything up. 


We have also pre-populated both our Paywalls and our Contribution dialogs with our recommended pricing to help you get started generating revenue as quickly as possible!




The final step before going live is to connect the Revenue Generator with a LaterPay account. This step must be completed so that we can ensure your earnings are sent directly to you ASAP!


If you have not done so already, you can sign up for a LaterPay account by clicking "Signup" from within the Revenue Generator or by clicking here.



Once you have created your LaterPay account, you will be taken to our Getting Started Screen (below) where you can copy and paste your credentials from LaterPay to the Revenue Generator "Connect" Screen (left). If you do not see the screen below, then you can also access your credentials on your LaterPay Merchant Portal Developer tab.




Once your credentials have been copied into the Revenue Generator, you're ready to go live!


If you have any questions or feedback in regards to the Revenue Generator, please do not hesitate to contact us at wordpress@laterpay.net.





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