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Who’s got the Button? You do!

Want to make it super-easy for people to donate to your nonprofit? Well, we just added a feature to LaterPay just for that. Now our merchants can use the Button Generator inside their LaterPay Dashboard to build buttons they can copy directly into blog posts, Facebook posts, emails and more.


Here’s how it works.


1. Start by going to your LaterPay Dashboard.


Analytics Dashboard

(You can sign up for a LaterPay Account by clicking the Sign Up Button in the menubar .)



2. Look for the Button Generator (beta) tab at the bottom of the sidebar.


Analytics Dashboard

(If your Dashboard doesn’t have this tab and you want to start accepting Donations, please email us at sales@laterpay.net let us know!




3. The Button Generator will ask you five quick questions, and then show you a summary of the information it will use to configure your button. As an example, I’m creating a donation button for a local animal shelter.


Analytics Dashboard

(The Button Generator will walk you through these questions.




4. I click Finish and I’ve got both a button to add to a website and a simple link I can use in my organization’s newsletter, emails, Facebook pages – wherever I want.


Analytics Dashboard

(You can use either a Donate Now, Pay Later button, or a simple link, or both.)



5. You may have noticed that (Beta) tag on the Button Generator. That’s because this is only the first version and we really want your suggestions as we iterate on this. So, if you have any suggestions, questions or feedback, please reach out to support@laterpay.net.