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Introducing the Contribution Menu


Topics: Getting Started · Contributions
Experience Level: Beginner
December 17, 2019 · 3 min read






The contribution menu is an option created for partners that want to empower their audience to decide for themselves the amount they wish to contribute to a partner’s cause. As opposed to the usual concept of a fixed contribution amount, the menu allows the contributor to determine the contribution amount with a click of a button.


What does the contribution menu look like?

LaterPay has developed a default contribution menu version as follows:



In this example, there are five predefined amounts set as buttons, as well as a custom box, where users can enter any amount they wish.



Note: The buttons 0,50, 1 and 2 EUR/USD - as well as all custom amounts of 3 EUR/USD or less - are automatically set to Contribute Now, Pay Later, rather than ‘Pay Now.’



The entire menu is fully customizable. The LaterPay team can help you to adjust the predefined amounts, minimum or maximum amounts, or Pay Later borders. You can even totally customize the menu’s appearance as well.



Note: One thing to take into account when devising the buttons is that the Pay Now option has a general minimum of 1,50 EUR and Pay Later has a maximum of 4,99 EUR.



How can I integrate the contribution menu on my website?

Integrating the menu is straightforward. First, make sure that you have a partner account with LaterPay, so that we can link the contributions to you partner account. Then, once our team has made any necessary adjustments, you can embed the html code for the menu in your website.



Note: Are you using WordPress? If you are adding the contribution menu to a WordPress website, you need to enable html view of your blog post or page in order to embed the code for the button.



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