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Getting Started with the LaterPay Connector (Part 1)

Welcome to the LaterPay Connector Guide!

The LaterPay Connector has been designed to help you convert more followers into paying customers in a few quick and easy steps. In this guide, we will provide a quick introduction to the Connector itself and then we'll help you get started generating revenue as quickly as possible.


First, though, if you have not done so already, we recommend you take a quick step back and spend a few minutes learning about what makes LaterPay unique.

All caught up? Now that you know a bit about who we are, let’s jump right in and get started! We’ve split the guide into 5 levels - starting with the easiest steps and then progressing to more advanced techniques.


LEVEL 1: Creating Your LaterPay Account

 In order to get started with LaterPay, you first need to have an account registered with us. If you do not have an existing LaterPay account, click here to create one - it only takes a few minutes to register.

Figure 1.1: Merchant Registration Page


Checklist: Registering with LaterPay

  • Register for a LaterPay merchant account and complete the necessary steps.

LEVEL 2: Defining Your High-Level Pricing Strategy


Before you jump in to configuring the LaterPay Connector, we recommend that you first think about an overall strategy for how you are going to price content.

Don’t worry, you can always make changes later - it’s quick and easy to do. For now, however, think in broad strokes about the following:


  • What Content Are You Selling? We’re going to try a practical example in a few minutes, so you need some content to sell.
  • How Are You Charging Readers? Are you going to sell individual pieces of content, timed access to your entire site and/or subscriptions?
  • Pricing. How much do you want to charge for each of those?

Remember, these decisions don’t have to be set in stone - you can always change things up later on.


Checklist: Defining Your High-Level Pricing Strategy

  • Identify the content on your site that you’d like to ask readers to pay for.
  • Decide how you will be charging readers for your content.

  • Define an initial pricing list to ensure consistency (you can change this later).

Ok! Now let's proceed to Part 2 of this blog series, where we'll walk through creating your first paid article using the LaterPay Connector!