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Getting Started with LaterPay Contributions (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the LaterPay Contributions Guide!

In Part 1, we already covered the basics of setting up your account and beginning to think about your pricing strategy. If you need a refresher before you move forward, you can access those Levels below

Now it's time to get working on creating your first paid video using the LaterPay Connector!

LEVEL 4: Creating Your First Contribution With the LaterPay Button Generator


You’re ready to create your first contributions button with LaterPay!

We’re going to walk you through each step, but we’ve also prepared a short video that sets out exactly what you’re going to be doing: https://youtu.be/rd-Uq4nANcU



Now, let’s get started!


First you will want to go to your LaterPay Dashboard.


Figure 4.1: Enter the LaterPay Dashboard

Once you’re in the dashboard, look for the Button Generator tab at the bottom of the sidebar.


Figure 4.2: Navigate to the Contributions Button Generator


The Button Generator is going to ask you five quick questions, and then show you a summary of the information it will use to configure your button.

  • Title: First you need to create a title for your purchase link. This title is used to help you and your customer remember this specific campaign; it will appear as the descriptor for their purchase in payment dialogs and in your LaterPay analytics dashboard.
  • Pay Now or Pay Later: This is where you get to choose which payment model you want for your button - should visitors pay now (i.e. make their contribution immediately) or can they pay later (once they hit the $5.00 threshold on their LaterPay tab)? We suggest you use Pay Later, but the choice is yours!
  • Payment Amount: You now need to set the amount that you’d like to appear on the button. This amount has to fall within the following thresholds set for contributions as follows:
    • Pay Later: $0.05 – $5.00 (0.01 € – 5.00 €)
    • Pay Now: $1.99 – $1,000 (1.49 € – 1,000 €)



Figure 4.3: Setting the Payment Model and Amount


  • URL: The URL specified is the one that users will see on their LaterPay invoice so that they can have an idea of which site/web page their purchase is for. (This will also be the default Return URL if you did not specify different address in the optional field that you will complete next.)
  • Return URL (optional): You can use this field to specify a particular page that you’d like the user to be redirected to once they have completed their payment - examples could include a ‘thank you’ page, the homepage of your site, or wherever you choose. Remember, if you don’t fill out this field then the Return URL will default to the one you entered above to appear on the user invoice.


Figure 4.4: Specify URLs


That’s it! From here, you’ll be provided with a sneak preview of your button. Use this to check that the information you have put in is accurate. Use the back button at the bottom of the pages to change anything that's not correct.



Figure 4.5: Confirm All Content is Correct


Once you click Finish you will be provided with both a button that you can add to your website and a simple link that you can use in your newsletter, emails, Facebook pages – wherever you want!




Figure 4.6: Contributions Button Success Screen


You’re are all done! Congratulations on successfully creating a Contributions button and adding it to your site!


Checklist: Creating Your First Contributions Button


  • Navigate to the LaterPay Dashboard
  • Go to the Contributions Button Generator page
  • Create a new button by filling out the five fields identified
  • Copy the button and paste it into your website or copy the URL to use in a newsletter or on social media
  • Refresh content and confirm you’re all set!