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Getting Started with LaterPay Contributions (Part 1)

Welcome to the LaterPay Contributions Guide!


The LaterPay Contribution Button has been designed to help you quickly and easily invite contributions from your audiences for the content you develop without placing it behind a paywall or barrier.


In this guide, we will provide a quick overview of what contributions are, we’ll talk through our recommendations for when to use the LaterPay Contribution Button and then we’ll help you get started building your own buttons and generating revenue as quickly as possible.

First, though, if you have not done so already, we recommend you take a quick step back and spend a few minutes learning about what makes LaterPay unique.


All caught up? Now that you know a bit about who we are, let’s jump right in and get started!



LEVEL 1: Understanding Contributions - and When to Use Them

The LaterPay Contributions Button is an easy way for you to collect financial support from readers. In the space of a few minutes, you can now install a button on your website, social media feed and/or newsletters that invites contributions from readers with a single click.



Figure 1.1: Invite Contributions for Your Content


You would normally use the Contributions Button if you want to give your readers the opportunity to make voluntary contributions in recognition of your work. As the payment is voluntary this means that there is no paywall or access check to set up (as would be the case with other LaterPay solutions such as single purchases or time passes, etc.). Instead, users can continue to view your entire website - even if they do not make a contribution.


(Note: Contributions are not to be confused with Donations. Donations are a voluntary payment that a user can make if they want to show their support for a charity. LaterPay supports the use of the Button for charitable giving, but requires charities to be a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization in order to do so.)


There are two primary ways that you can use the Contributions Button:

  • On your website - copy and paste the button on to any page of your website;
  • Via email or social media - links to the Button can be distributed to your audience through email or social media messaging. The link will take users straight to the LaterPay purchasing process without requiring them to first visit your website (we can always direct them back to your site once the purchase is complete)

Contributions are often used as a “post-view” ask: users who reach the end of an article, video or interactive experience are much more likely to pay you for your hard work. If you syndicate your content, the Contribution Button stays with the content itself.

Ready to get started?



LEVEL 2: Creating Your LaterPay Account

In order to get started with the Contributions Button, you first need to have an account registered with us. If you do not have an existing LaterPay account, click here to create one - it only takes a few minutes.

Figure 2.1: Merchant Registration Page


Checklist: Registering with LaterPay

  • Register for a LaterPay merchant account and complete the necessary steps.

LEVEL 3: Defining Your High-Level Pricing Strategy


Before you jump in to configuring the Contributions Button, we always recommend that you first think about an overall strategy for the value you feel each piece of content is worth.


Don’t worry, you can always replace a button with an updated version if your strategy changes, but for now think in broad strokes about the following:


  • What Content Are You Selling? Will you be soliciting contributions for all your content, or only some? We’re going to try a practical example in a few minutes, so you need something on-hand to test the button on.
  • How Are You Charging Readers? Are you going to ask contributors to pay immediately after the click the button, or pay later, once their LaterPay tab hits $5.00?
  • Pricing. How much do you want to charge for each of those?

Remember, these decisions don’t have to be set in stone - you can always change things up later on.


Checklist: Defining Your High-Level Pricing Strategy

  • Identify the content on your site that you’d like to ask readers to make contributions for.
  • Decide whether you will ask your readers to pay now or pay later.
  • Define an initial pricing list to ensure consistency (you can change this later).

Ok! Now let's proceed to Part 2 of this blog series, where we'll walk through creating your first paid article using the LaterPay Connector!