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Use Cases: Free-Form Purchasing Options

Topics: Use Cases · Connector
Experience Level: Advanced
December 17, 2019 · 5 min read








This means that if you are, for example, offering your own subscription system, you can display it as an option on the overlay; clicking on it, however, will lead the user to a website you specify, instead of taking the users to a LaterPay purchase as usual.

Let’s see what that looks like. In the screenshot below, you can see two purchasing options associated with a paywall. The second one “This article” is a standard purchasing option, and will guide the user to LaterPay purchase screens. The first one, “Sign in or Sign up with a native system”, is a free-form purchasing option, which will, when clicked, redirect the user.


Image 1-2


The code for this looks as follows:


<script type="application/json" id="laterpay-connector">
"freeFormPurchaseOptions": [{
"title": "This is your purchasing option",
"description": "You can write here whatever you want. You can even use custom currency",
"price": {
"amount": 150,
"currency": "SFB"
"purchaseButtonLabel": "Purchase",
"purchaseUrl": "http:\/\/example.com\/signUp",
"position": 2,



Let’s go through the individual attributes:


Title (Required)
The Free-Form Purchase Option’s title (displayed on the first row of the list entry).

Description (Required)
The Free-Form Purchase Option’s description (displayed on the second row of the list entry).

purchaseUrl (Required)
The Free-Form Purchase Option’s URL. The user will be navigated to this URL when they click the purchase button.

purchaseButtonLabel (Required)
The purchase button label that will be displayed when the Free-Form Purchase Option is selected.

price (Optional)
An object stating the amount and currency. It is used for presentation purposes, only. To display a 1.23 EUR pricing, use this:


"price": {
"amount": 123,
"currency": "EUR"

Remember that you can use whatever currency you like here, because Free-Form Purchase Options don’t correspond to actual LaterPay Purchase Options.

position (Optional)
An index starting with 0 for the top position. It indicates the Free-Form Purchase Option’s position on the purchase list. The default position is the bottom of the list.

target (Optional)
A link target that is used when the Purchase Button is clicked (e.g. _blank for a new window). The default behavior is a redirect (equivalent to the target _self).


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