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LaterPay is a new technology for selling digital content and services.

LaterPay + Users

LaterPay technology increases sales,

customer satisfaction and loyalty, and offers a complimentary ecosystem to existing subscription and ad models.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1

    Immediate Access

    While upfront registration and payment derails over 98% of all payments, with LaterPay, users access paid content without needing to register or pay in advance—cue the happy customers (and more revenue).

  • 2

    Aggregate Purchases

    Every piece of content that a user consumes across sites in the LaterPay network is aggregated into a single, unique shopping cart.

  • 3

    Register & Pay

    Once the total value of content in a user’s cart reaches a $5 threshold, they are prompted to register and pay before they can resume accessing your paid content or service.

"It's great to see LaterPay third-party paywall solutions integrated with AMP, and it’s particularly valuable to see new and innovative approaches to subscription growth brought to the table."

Rudy Galfi, lead product manager on the AMP Project

LaterPay works for any digital content and service:

articles, music, video, code, and more.

LaterPay + Content Providers

LaterPay is a SaaS payment infrastructure that easily integrates into your website, application, or platform, putting you in control of what you sell, how you sell it, and to whom.

Once consumers recognize the value of accessing premium content or services, they are more inclined to register with providers and convert into long-term subscribers. Plus, LaterPay is a full service provider, offering all the necessary transactional features for digital purchases.

Price Controls

You’re in charge.

LaterPay empowers content providers to stay in full control of their users, platform, and monetization strategy.

Internet-Wide Application

Endless opportunities. LaterPay works for all digital content and services.

User Intel

Your customers are yours.

We help you collect customer purchase information for your site and provide it in clear, actionable reporting.

Why you will love LaterPay

Grow your audience and profits

The upfront registration and payment model is out-dated and derails over 98% of all payments. So, while your competitors are fighting to make money on less than 2 out of every 100 users, you can reach more users and boost sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Convert one-time users into long-term subscribers

We offer different revenue models that can gradually take users from individual content consumption to full website subscriptions. The LaterPay platform also works in conjunction with existing subscription models.

Immediately start earning revenue from all your users

Because we give access to your paid content without prior registration, you start monetizing your content right from the start.

LaterPay can be easily integrated into any website

clients experiences

  • AMP Access LaterPay offers an out-of-box, easily integrated solution for all publishers

  • SPIEGEL Online has sold more than 3 million articles with LaterPay since the introduction of it's paid content offering SPIEGEL Plus.

  • The regional daily newspaper began using LaterPay in mid-2016 to monetize a selected range of digital content.

    what you need to know

    Variable purchase options

    Single Purchase: Sell an individual piece of content.

    TimePass: Sell access to your content for a specific period of time.

    Subscription: Users can subscribe to your whole website or a specific section.

    Multiple billing options

    Allowing users to pay later dramatically increases conversion rates, ultimately earning you more revenue. However, if you prefer, choose the “pay now” billing option for any content.

    Full service

    LaterPay takes care of purchases, invoices, taxes, collections and payment distribution— all the transactional features needed for selling content and services online.

    Seamless integration

    LaterPay is a SaaS payment infrastructure specifically created to enable “on platform” monetization using the API, Connector Script, or WordPress Plugin.

    You already create great content.
    Let us handle the rest while you watch your revenues grow.

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