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With LaterPay, your users are able to make contributions and donations, or purchase digital content and services, with a single click—a frictionless experience that turns traffic into transactions.

LaterPay defers registration and payment until users reach a $5 threshold. This convenient, user-centric method results in paid-user conversion rates 4x that of conventional up front registration processes.

LaterPay + Users

LaterPay technology increases sales,

customer satisfaction and loyalty, and offers a complimentary ecosystem to existing subscription and ad models.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1

    Immediate Access

    While upfront registration and payment derails over 98% of all payments, with LaterPay, users access paid content without needing to register or pay in advance—cue the happy customers (and more revenue).

  • 2

    Aggregate Purchases

    Every piece of content that a user consumes across sites in the LaterPay network is aggregated into a single, unique shopping cart.

  • 3

    Register & Pay

    Once the total value of content in a user’s cart reaches a $5 threshold, they are prompted to register and pay before they can resume accessing your paid content or service.

"It's great to see LaterPay third-party paywall solutions integrated with AMP, and it’s particularly valuable to see new and innovative approaches to subscription growth brought to the table."

Rudy Galfi, lead product manager on the AMP Project at Google

LaterPay works for any digital content and service:

articles, music, video, code, and more.

clients experiences

  • SPIEGEL Online has sold more than 3 million articles with LaterPay since the introduction of it's paid content offering SPIEGEL Plus.

  • The regional daily newspaper began using LaterPay in mid-2016 to monetize a selected range of digital content.

  • Dr. Hansjörg Leichsenring, Publisher from the ‘Bank Blog’, talks about using Paid Content.

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